What is Offshore Hosting

Offshore Hosting by NextGenHost

When you get your website hosted to other location not your place of origin, it is called "offshore web hosting". Offshore hosting and offshore servers are an affordable way for small businesses to establish an online presence and take advantage of e-commerce.

With the great Internet, computers and servers do not have to be physically located in a company's office. And so ultimately leads to offshore hosting consists of a professional IT firm that runs a set of servers and applications. Clients now can put their businesses online with the help of a professional service provider, removing the barriers of entry, and nearly any business can get online quickly and affordably.

The most common and economical choice in offshore hosting is the shared server. Offshore servers which use a single server to accommodate multiple clients' needs are called shared offshore servers. This drastically cuts costs for each company as well as the provider. A shared offshore server is ideally suited for web hosting and is the most economical choice for offshore hosting as it is an extremely affordable and straightforward method of creating an online presence.

A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, takes a step further. Whereas a shared offshore server is a single machine hosting different clients, a VPS shares IT infrastructure but is not limited to a single machine. VPS services are a hybrid between shared and dedicated services. Since a VPS is virtual, the resources required to run such an offshore server can be utilized from any number of machines. This in turn led to lower prices and reliability. In addition, with properties of a dedicated server, VPS allows for the full range of customization and choice in applications.

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